What does it mean to think speculatively about the future of Scotland’s Land? In so thinking, how do we ensure that land’s histories, intricacies, and intimacies, as well as its atmospheric, geological, archaeological, maritime, energetic, global extensions are accounted for? How might imaginative form affect material and political reality?

Detail of Eadar Dà Lionn | Sinking Into Thin Places, Katie Hart Potapoff, 2019. Photo credit Agata Urbanska 2019.

The Centre for Scotland’s Land Futures in the School of Humanities at the University of Dundee is an interdisciplinary centre bringing together research and practice engaging with what ‘land’ might be and how it is constituted. The Centre is Co-Directed by Dr Heather Yeung and Dr Johanna Linsley, assisted by AHRI Research Fellow Katie Hart Potapoff.

We look forward to sharing our exciting programme schedule, if you have questions please email landfutures@dundee.ac.uk