• Dewar Committee

    Dewar Committee

    Highlands and Islands Medical Committee 1912

  • Dukes Steam Plough

    Dukes Steam Plough

  • Dewar Committee signatures

    Dewar Committee signatures

  • Lairg Map

    Lairg Map

  • Land Reclamation

    Land Reclamation

  • Sutherland Estates Map

    Sutherland Estates Map

  • "Smoker"

  • Landseer


Welcome to the Centre for Scotland's Land Futures

What does Scotland want or expect of its landscape?  Who is this vital resource worked and managed for the benefit of?  If change is required how can that change be instigated?  The Centre for Scotland’s Land Futures is a new initiative run by three Scottish universities: Dundee, the University of the Highlands and Islands, and Stirling.  Its purpose is to investigate and engage with these issues in partnership with a range of stakeholders – political, economic, social and cultural – drawn from Scotland, the rest of the UK, and Europe.

The Centre aims to operate in three main ways: to conduct interdisciplinary research into land issues past and present; through this to support teaching and learning from undergraduate through to graduate level; and offer a varied and stimulating programme of public engagement activity in order to enhance understanding of land matters, thereby to make for more informed discussion and policy making.

For more information, please contact landfutures@dundee.ac.uk