Centre supported by a Parliamentary motion

The Centre is delighted to have received recognition and support from the Scottish Parliament on the day of its launch, via a motion lodged by Rob Gibson, MSP. We are looking forward to joining the debate on Scotland’s land and heritage issues in this exciting time.

Title: Centre for Scotland’s Land Futures Launched

Motion Text:
That the Parliament congratulates the universities of Dundee and Stirling on taking the lead with a number of partners to establish the Centre for Scotland’s Land Futures, which, it considers, will provide a much-needed collaborative academic focus that will investigate land issues, past, present and future; congratulates Dr Annie Tindley and Dr Alasdair Ross, and their respective research directors, on what it sees as the life that they have given to the centre, which it believes will allow them to conduct interdisciplinary research into land issues, support teaching from undergraduate to postgraduate level and lead a varied and exciting programme of public engagement to secure and enhance public leadership and involvement in land issues, and considers the establishment of the centre a boost to the study of how the country’s land is owned and used that will chime with the national debate on land reform.